All Australian window manufacturers must comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) regulation and must be able to verify compliance on request. A statement of compliance from Doric or any other hardware manufacturer is not sufficient to assume a pass. To achieve compliance there are self certification kits available from Azuma.

With both National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and IQNet accreditation, Azuma is an independent testing facility capable of testing to Australian standards. Their testing specialists have developed a self certification kit to help window manufacturers ascertain whether their windows meet the mandatory minimum requirements of NCC under the Protection of openable windows section (

Testing on windows may be carried using two methods: type testing or onsite testing. Type testing needs to be carried out by a testing authority accredited by NATA or IANZ. Onsite testing must be done by a suitably competent or qualified person. The largest barrier test sample will suffice for all smaller size barriers provided that the secure fixing methods are maintained in the building.

The self certification kit includes:

  • 125mm bullet shape probe
  • 125mm sphere
  • Force gauge
  • 125mm diameter pressure plate
  • Stop watch
  • Pro forma pad for quality assurance
  • Australian Window Association (AWA) Industry Code of Practice documentation.

For further information on self certification kits, please visit or contact them on 02 9604 0255.